Wait Chapel

Wait Chapel is a multi-use venue. It offers an array of stage settings, lighting, and audio equipment suited for a wide variety of productions, including concerts (symphonic, choral, large ensembles), town hall forums, and debates. Seating is 2200. Because the stage is not a proscenium, and is enlarged with stage extensions, dance and theatrical productions are difficult to present. There is no wing space and fly space, and dressing rooms are limited. Despite these challenges, this venue has a long and illustrious history of presenting significant events.

Technical Specifications

Lightronics TL-2448 Lighting Board
10 Altman 10-degree Instruments (FOH)
12 5-degree Source IV’s (FOH)
15 10-degree Source IV’s (FOH)
27 Kliegl 30/40-degree Ellipsoidals (above stage)

Allen and Heath GL-4000 Mixing Console
3 Crown Com-Tech 810 Amplifiers (Monitors)
2 Crown Com-Tech 1610 Amplifiers (House)
5 Sabine 4000 Series Processors
2 Frazier CAT 79’s (Main Cluster Speakers)
3 Renkus-Heinz MR5 Near-Field Cluster Speakers
4 PAS PI12-1.2 Side-Fill Speakers
2 Renkus-Heinz SR81/9 Choir Monitor Speakers
2 10-inch Floor Monitors
2 12-inch PAS Model VM-1 Monitor Speakers (floor wedges)
2 15-inch PAS Model SW-1 Monitor Speakers (floor wedges)
6 Atlas-Soundolier Strategy 8 Ceiling Mounted Speakers (under balcony)
Lexacon MPX-100 Channel Processor

Additional Equipment:
CD / Cassette Playback
CD / Cassette Recording Capability

Brendle Hall 4 1024x768

Brendle Recital Hall

Brendle Recital Hall, located in the Scales Fine Arts building, offers an array of stage settings, lighting, and audio equipment. It was designed as a music recital hall, but can accommodate other productions, such as forums, speakers, radio dramas, and– under the right conditions– dance and modest theater productions. Seating is 572.

Technical Specifications

Access Pro Lighting Board (96 subs) located back of house
2 FOH lighting positions, 18 on stage positions
10 19-degree Source IV’s
18 26-degree Source IV’s
4 36-degree Source IV’s
16 Parnels
6 Kliegl 30-40-degree Ellipsoidals

Soundcraft Delta 200 Series 14-channel Mixing Board (FOH)
4 group outs
4 auxiliary outs
2 main outs
Mackie 1604 Mixing Board (backstage)
2 Crown PS400 Amplifiers
4 EV Sentry III Speaker System

Additional Equipment:
Sharp XG-P25X Video Projector (projection booth, approx. 120 ft throw)
DAT / CD / Cassette Playback
DAT / CD / Cassette Recording Capability
9-piece Acoustic Shell
ClearCom / Production Design Headset System
8 3-tiered Choral Risers
9-ft Baldwin Grand Piano ($50 Rental)
9-ft Steinway Grand Piano ($100 Rental, with permission from Artists’ Series)
12-ft Black Pipe and Drape System